Mehdi Karampour


Born in Feb 19, 1977
Top Graduate (M.A) in Cinema Directing major
Member of the Board of Directors Guild of Iranian Cinema (2007-2010)
Speakperson of the Board of Directors Guild of Iranian Cinema (2010)
The President of the Releasing Committee of Iranian Cinema (2008-2010)
Member of the Advisors Committee of the Board of the Iranian Alliance of the Motion Picture Guilds (2008-2010)
Member of the Board of Producers Guild of Iran (since 2016)
Member of the Board of Trustees of the Iranian Youth Cinema Society (since 2013)
Founder member of the Iranian Short Film Association
Member of the Academy of Iranian cinema
Teaching and workshops at universities and film schools around the world


Local Film Festivals

Best Film at the Student Film Festival - Nominated for the Best Short Film at the Iranian Cinema Feast - Honored short film at the Fajr Film Festival - Best Script at the Azad Film Festival - Honored at the Isfahan Film Festival - Best Short Film Director of the 90s at the Azad Film Festival - Golden Jasmine for the Best Film Director of the 2000s at the 1st Tehran International Video Film Festival Nominated for the Best Directing, Best Script and Best Film at the Critics Association's Celebration - Nominated for the Best Film Award at the Fajr International Film Festival - Nominated for Best Script and Best Art Director Hafez Ceremony - Grand jury prize for the best script at the salamat film festival - Nominated for Kiarostami’s insignia Hafez Ceremony

Global Film Festivals:

Special Jury Prize at the Golden Minbar Film Festival, International Film Festivals: Kerala, London, Toronto, Montreal, Mill Valley, Chicago, Sao Paulo, Gybara (Greatest World Movies), Hamburg, Stuttgart, Oberhausen, Rome Independent Film Festival, Valencia, Clermont-Ferrand, Green shot, Durban, International Section of the Fajr Film Festival.

Cinema Teacher & Jury Member of:

18th International Tehran Short Film Festival
4th Khuzestan Film Festival
6th Iranian Cinema Feast
1st Ahwaz Film Festival
1st Kerman Film Festival
8th Iranian Cinema Feast
1st Culture & Industry Film Festival
9th & 10th Iranian Cinema Feast
25th International Film Festival Fajr
7th Youth Film Festival
26th International Fajr Film Festival
12th Iranian Cinema Feast
30th International Tehran Short Film Festival
2nd & 3rd Jasmine International Film Festival
34th fajr film festival
19th, 20th & 21th Iranian Cinema Feast
34th International Tehran Short Film Festival
2th Phoneix Comedy Film Festival of Toronto
12th Farhang Short Film Festival UCLA


Somewhere Else (2002)
Who Killed Amir (2005)
Tehran Tehran (2008)
Wooden Bridge (2011)
Sophie & the Beast (2017)


A Piece of Land (17 episodes / 2012)
Cloudy Years (21 episodes / 2014)
OutCast (2007)
The Seventh Day (2007)
The Eighth Day (2009)
Night Shift (2009)
The Waterfront (2009)

Ducumentary SHORT FILM & TEATER:

Directing several documentary films broadcast on international TV channels: ”MIS, A City That Was", "Pale", "Once Again, The River I Loved", "Outsider", "Matryoshka Inside Out" and "French Vision”.

Directing 10 short films (1996 - 2000)
Directing 2 plays: “Waiting for Godot” (1998), “Danton’s Death” (2000)


Stage photographer, show and sold at the Bonhams New York Auction, London Photo and Tehran Auction